Custom IT Support

Our team is committed to the highest level of service for your organization. Whether you have 5 employees or 500, 1 server or 100, we can partner together to make your technology work for you.

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IT Solutions

Our goal is to solve your business's technology problems. We have over a decade of experience in IT solutions across numerous industries and markets and a team of experts that are eager to identify and solve your IT needs. Our approach is straight foward and effective.

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Our process starts with actively preventing downtimes and work flow interruptions by monitoring system performance, scanning for potential issues, and addressing them before they arise.


Implementing a solution to IT issues can be an extremely time sensitive task. Our technicians are the first to identify and act to ensure that your systems and services are working efficiently.


Technology is an exponentially growing aspect of every business's operations. We're dedicated to upgrading and expanding your IT systems when the need arises; we'll always provide sable and compelling solutions.

Complete IT Solutions

We offer a vast array of products and services that integrate seamlessly to solve all your IT needs.

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Web Development

Responsive mobile friendly website design and development for WordPress, Joomla, SiteCore, Magento, and other systems.

Database Development

Horizontally and vertically scalable big data environments for your applications and operations.

Server Management

Server upgrades, monitoring, and security to keep your documents and services always available.

Network Design

Internal and external network setup and management to support your connected applications and systems.

Network Security

Brute force protection, malware scanning, and data encryption to keep your organization safe and secure.

Virus & Spam Protection

Always up-to-date anti-virus and spam filtering to protect your information from malicious attacks and security breaches.

Cloud Computing

SSD based distributed content delivery networks to speed up your application's response time and availability.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Archive your company's data and in the event of a disaster, recovery planning ensures valuable information is not lost.

File Servers

Easily and securely share and distribute documents, media, and other files across your network or over the internet.

VOIP & Phone Systems

VOIP, Cisco, AT&T, Nextiva, Skype and other phone systems; setup, upgrades, and management to keep your employees connected.

Tablet & Mobile Systems

Setup, updates, repairs, and upgrades for Android, Chrome, and iOS tablets, phones, laptops and other mobile devices.

Hardware Repair

Hardware upgrades and repairs for Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and Google Chrome; laptops, desktops, and other devices.

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Our Clients


"My Custom IT gives excellent service with both onsite and offsite assistance. They're very professional, efficient and always on time. Their employees are very courteous and responsive to our needs. We highly recommend My Custom IT to any business requiring an IT service provider. We are absolutely satisfied with their service and intend to remain partners with them for a very long time."

- Accurate Molded Plastics

"My Custom IT is easy to communicate with and have knowledgeable, competent staff with experience in all areas of technical support including everything from phones to surveillance and our networks. They have an organized way to submit requests, and work with you to prioritize your needs. They check our systems daily for updates and security, and make sure our backups are successful. They’re awesome."

- Union Gospel Mission

"My Custom IT’s foresight and strong network planning completely saved us after our building was flooded. By moving our server into a better environment they saved all of our information! My Custom IT’s network solutions allowed us to keep operational- even when our building wasn’t! More than half of the office is now working remotely and it didn’t require anything new to be put into place or for us to skip a beat of business!”

- Camp Fire USA

"My Custom IT has taken the headache and stress out of IT. They are responsive, knowledgeable and cost effective. Being able to assign an issue and have it handled seamlessly is amazing. They promised a lot and delivered even better!"

- Benefit Consultants Northwest

"Outstanding customer service sets My Custom IT apart. No issue is too trivial or too difficult for their expert technicians. They often work after hours and weekends to solve problems to minimize downtime for our staff. Don’t look any further - My Custom IT will exceed your expectations!"

- Center for Personal Protection and Safety

"My Custom IT has gone the extra mile to deliver us a system custom-designed to fit our needs, with many features that automate tasks that used to take countless hours. We have received excellent customer feedback for our registration system’s ease of use. My Custom IT's systems, as well as the follow-up tech support, has been outstanding."

- Camp Spalding

"My Custom IT's support services, custom programming and tech management have exceeded our expectations when it comes to working on the logistics of running our church. If you have a technical need My Custom IT can work with you to make sure it’s met! I give them my highest recommendation – they have been a blessing to us."

- Mt. Spokane Church